[2018.2.20-22] Index Conference – San Francisco

Index – San Francisco

2018년 2월 20일~ 22일

샌프란시스코 모스콘웨스트(Moscone West)


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Index – San Francisco is an open developer community conference. Attend and learn the latest software development practices and techniques to advance your skills and develop your career. Take 3 days to prepare for the next 365.



Open Innovation

Open source software has become a part of every modern computing system. New economies are being created from open source projects. Harvesting shared innovation is essential to remaining competitive in today’s markets. Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation will share his perspective on building sustainable open source projects that advance the next generation modern computing.

Jim Zemlin

Executive Director, Linux Foundation

Cyborgs Unite!

With a heart device implanted in her body, Karen Sandler, Executive Director of the Software Freedom Conservancy, personally understands the critical choices about embedded software. Karen will touch on potential avenues for accountability, transparency, and access to remedies in a world of connected devices built on proprietary source code.

Karen Sandler

Executive Director, Software Freedom Conservancy

Perspectives on AI

Advances in AI, powered by new machine learning, accelerated by faster computing and fueled by data enrich many aspects of our day to day lives. These advances raise questions about the trustworthiness, fairness and the influences of AI on people and society. A panel of leading AI experts from Amazon, Google, IBM and Facebook will explore the many technical and social implications of AI on our daily lives.

A panel of experts from leading AI organizations including Google, Facebook, Amazon and IBM.

Going to Market

What does it take to make it in the business world and successfully turn an idea into a product or service? This session lead by a pioneer in the venture capital space will examine the challenges, opportunities and considerations for bringing technology to market in today’s dynamic and volatile marketplace, from securing risk capital and finding exploitable technology, to best practices for startup incubation.


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키노트 영상 방송시간: 한국시각 기준 2018년 2월 22일 02:00 AM~

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