[2018.2.27~3.1] Elastic{ON} at a Glance

Elastic{ON} at a Glance

2018. 2. 27 ~ 3. 1


행사 내용

  • Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana 및 Beats의 세계 최고의 전문가들과의 만남
  • Elastic 제품 및 로드맵에 대한 deep dive
  • 아키텍처, best practice 및 다양한 사용사례에 대한 상세한 내용이 담겨있는 사용자 발표 세션
  • 3천여명의 다양한 배경의 Elastic Stack 사용자들과의 교류


Level Up Your Elastic Stack Skills

Join us before the conference for hands-on training courses at once-a-year prices. Bring your queries and learn from live instructors with in-depth knowledge of all things Elastic Stack so you can get up to speed before diving into the details at Elastic{ON}.

Our pre-conference training workshops are specially discounted and available only to conference attendees. Purchase the training course of your choice when you register for Elastic{ON}.



One-Day Workshop

$650 (regular price $800)

Kibana Data Analysis I

Master the Kibana fundamentals like exploring and building visualizations and dashboards in order to gain insights from your data. Core concepts will be introduced through hands-on instruction and Q&A followed by a practice event data set exploration. See course details.


FEBRUARY 26 – 27

Two-Day Workshops

$1000 (regular price $1600)

Elastic Stack Data Administration I

Explore multiple Elastic Stack use cases and learn the skills to successfully administer data from a variety of sources. Through a series of hands-on labs, you will learn how to ingest, enrich, and store data for real-time search and analysis using Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash. See course details.

Elasticsearch Operations I

Learn how to install, configure, monitor, troubleshoot, and upgrade an Elasticsearch cluster in this introduction to Elasticsearch operations. You will also learn the skills needed to manage and maintain Elasticsearch, including node configuration, cluster planning, index management, and more. See course details.

Elasticsearch Developer I

Master skills for developing solutions using Elasticsearch when you learn how to define mappings and custom text analyzers, write multiple types of search queries, analyze data using aggregations, implement autocomplete, and more.See course details.

Elasticsearch Developer II

This course explores advanced features of Elasticsearch, including Painless scripting, ingest pipelines, geolocation data, pipeline aggregations, and more. You will also learn how to model your fields and documents to improve query results and performance. See course details.

Note: Due to the advanced nature of this course, completion of the Elasticsearch Developer I course or equivalent experience is recommended.

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